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The Synesgyway is the framework developed to measure the environmental, social and governance impact of companies, banks and insurance companies.
The platform allows for easy, direct and global use, without sacrificing the specifics of local requirements. The goal is to localize the questionnaire to the regulatory and business references of the country to which the company refers.


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A key tool for Synesgy's success is the dedicated questionnaires, which are based on timely and rigorous references of global ESG market regulations such as UNGC, GRI, UN 17 SDGs, EBA LOM, and EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities.
Overall, the questionnaires are based on a two-tiered approach. Initially, a core version with questions referring to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and focusing on the Business side and the Environment, Social, Governance principles.
Second, based on the sector to which the company belongs, an industry-specific section is provided. In addition, the Synesgy questionnaire is certified by the CRIF Rating Agency (CRA), which is recognized at the European level.

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Assessment and development plan

Synegsy's final assessment provides the respondent with a score and certificate that can be downloaded directly from the platform in order to obtain an assessment of sustainability, accountability, and transparency. ESG performance is assessed through an overall score, broken down into all five macro-sections that make up the questionnaire. The company then has at its disposal the Synesgy action plan, which highlights the areas to be developed to increase its level of sustainability.

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Support and consultancy

To ensure ongoing support, Synesgy provides customer care and consultancy, for each country in which it has a presence. Customer care is geared toward working with the client at every stage of the process from understanding the ESG principles, to filling out the questionnaire to obtaining the certificate.

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Alert system

To ensure the quality of data and responses, both automatic and manual checks are implemented.
The platform is set up on an Alert system that, based on the CRIF information assets, performs an automatic check on the appropriateness and consistency of what is reported in the questionnaire.

If the Alert system detects inconsistencies, the compiler is asked for supporting documentation to confirm the answers in the questionnaire.
Inconsistencies are handled by a team of experienced analysts who check the documentation and, if necessary, contact the compiler directly.

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Get your ESG Score!

The Synesgy score model developed by CRIF Ratings - the authorized credit rating agency - allows an easy visualization of the score obtained in the 5 macro sections of the questionnaire (Business, Environment, Social, Governance, and Sector).
The areas are synthesized in an "overall" score that summarizes them and is dedicated to an overall evaluation.
For companies that want to assess their supply chain, Synesgy provides ESG performance dashboards where companies can view and analyze the scores obtained by their suppliers in the different areas.


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The Synesgy score, which is obtained after filling out the questionnaire, can be found within the certificate, that can be downloaded directly from the digital platform and shared on websites and shared with the supply chain.
The duration of the Synesgy certificate is 12 months, after this period or if necessary, a new assessment should be made.
In addition, along with the certificate, the Synesgy Report is issued, which provides the complete analysis of the individual Environmental, Social, Governance and related sections of the industry sector to which it belongs that contribute to compose the ESG score and relative ranking.